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The blood brother of my father in law invited us to have our marriage in Tanzania. Available at this moment are: the handing of the dowry and a description of the received traditional wedding gifts. Expect stories about the festivities that our dear family and friends in Tanzania arranged for us. Ever heard of a Send of party, ever heard the story of a Ngoni girl that went white because she went to Hollansi (Europe)?!

Marc & Barbara
Bwana na Bibi Arusi

We will never forget our traditional Ngoni wedding in Mbande village in Tanzania (Africa)!

The Dowry Traditional gifts Ngoni girl  
Cow head Wedding gifts



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Read the story of Paul and Meta and their planned overland road trip in Africa.
Starting in Cape Down they will drive in their 1975 Series III Land-rover 109 back to the Netherlands.

Op de onderstaande site tref je het verslag aan van de Reis van Jelle Eline en Thijs - Afrika 2006

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